Electric Bassplayer

After completing extensive studies at the Munich jazz school, Jazzschule München, and with Kurt Stadelmayer, a student of Paul Hindemith's, Bono accomplishes a swift transition to the professional ranks as bassist on tour, in the studio and for TV shows.

The Artist

Jacques Bono, born in Paris, France as son to a family of artistes, has launched a cross over project in which the exceptional use of his instrument and the likewise unusual repertoire make him stand out from the mass of classical as well as rock and jazz musicians.

Solo Bassist

Bono's idea of a solo project with classical repertoire is first realized at a solo performance at the academy of fine arts in Munich. Bono keeps developing the unusual idea and eventually embarks on a surprising career as a solo bassist.

With his success on the e-bass, his childhood dream to become a classical soloist finally comes true.

While living in New York he further refines his solo programme and plays at the famous Knitting Factory amongst other places. In Europehe expands on his solo career.

J. S. Bach's Cello Suites

By choosing a classical repertoire for the e-bass, foremost Bach's  cello suites, Jacques Bono has acquired an outstanding position in the music business. Performances at the various Bach-churches in Thuringia, e.g. in Arnstadt, give him an enormous amount of inspiration and insight into Bach's music. At their »original sites« Bono puts Bach's works into a unique contrast by playing them on an instrument of our times, more than 300 years after their composition – a project that has never been ventured before.

Baroque Music and Electric Bass

The time, the separation into musical genres and the familiar listening sensation are all overcome in Jacques Bono's performance.

Bono unperturbedly counters initial doubts by critics, claiming that it was impossible to perform Bach's cello suites on an electric bass, with a musical venture that meanwhile has music lovers of all origins in raptures.Cello suites on an electric bass: a revolutionary act  in the best sense of musical tradition!